Shadeports Western Cape specializes in the design, manufacture, supply and erection of shade net structures. These are used to protect motor vehicles, caravans, motorcycles, trucks and trailers against sun, rain, hail, frost and dew. Other applications include pool covers, pavilion shade, patio covers and play area covers. Rollup blinds are also available for home or office use.

There are many commercial applications for shadeports, ranging from large-scale parking bays at shopping malls, airports, stadium seating, and garden centres to school yards. Body corporates of housing estates have often found that shadeports offer a cost-effective solution for tenant-covered parking

As with any man-made structure, maintenance and repairs are required.

Due to excessive forces in nature, it is occasionally crucial that repairs take place urgently to ensure no further damage is caused to your property, vehicles, etc. We, therefore, offer an all-inclusive service catering for the repairs and maintenance of your shadeport and any other roofed structures.

Free advice backed by many years of experience in the industry is available to ensure your structures are properly and effectively secured.

Shadeports require NO building plans!


This is according to the gazetted regulations found in the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act 103 of 1977 (amended 9 November 2011), where a fabric-covered shelter does not require any plans to be submitted.

Spec and Manufacture

Our standard shadeports are constructed from a tubular galvanized steel framework.

The structure is covered with a knitted polyethene net which is sewn together with a double-needle machine for maximum strength and stretch. The net is then fixed to the frame on-site, ensuring a premium fit.

Standard Structures

3 x 5m = 1 bay; 5 x 5m = 2 bay; 7.5 x 5m = 3 bay


Poles: 76/88 x 2,0mm planted 600 – 700 mm in concrete

Purlins and hoops: 48mm x 2mm in all sizes. In high wind areas, a 42mm steel reinforcing is inserted inside the hoops.

Canti-lever Structures


Poles: 120/144 x 3mm square planted 800 – 900 mm in concrete (all sizes)

Purlins and hoops: 48mm x 2mm in all sizes


Our shadeports require little or no maintenance. In the event of damage from extreme weather conditions or motor vehicles, repairs can be carried out at a low cost.